Fast ImagE Enhancement Library : Image Processing Engine
Application : Image Processing Engine

- Digital Radiography(X-Ray)
- CT
- US
- Mammography
- Film Digitizer
- VET(Veterinary)
- Nondestructive testing device

Product Information

feel-TK is a medical image processing engine developed by the imfoU itself. feel-TK is based on FS-MLW(Faster Specialized Multi Layered Wavelet). feel-TK  is the faster medical image enhancement software that can do noise reduction, auto windowing, gamma correction, various contrast equalization, edge and contrast enhancement, latitude/dynamic range compression and  frequency/sharpness control. 


feel-TK will help you can see more clear image and can remove noise and artifact more quickly by used FS-MLW. And regardless of the various types of imaging detectors, you can acquire process the optimal images .


feel-TK provides an SDK(develop library) for you as development of a variety of image manufacturers. In especially,  we ill help you can see more clear image and can remove noise and artifact more quickly by used FS-MLW. We supply the GP-View(get parameter for image processing) for image specialist. In case of user requests, your image specialist can get a optimizied parameter for user. The GP-View is a free of charge.


feel-TK can acquire more noise removed and contrast enhanced images in the low dose. Even though X-ray  dose over or under than optimizied  X-ray dose, feel-TK can acquire similar images to normal windowing images.  So, the customer can minimize working of re-exposure and manual windowing. 


Sample Images




- The feel-TK is based on Faster Specialized Multi Layered Wavelet(FS-MLW Algorithm). 

  And the you can acquire optimized  images at the faster speed. 

- The FS-MLW can process images for reading without loss of  image information. 



- The processing run on images from system memory to system memory.  

  Step 1 : Get the pointer of image memory and matched processing parameter

  Step 2 : After processing, transfer to given pointer of processed image memory

- You don’t care your User interface. The feel-TK is User Interface independent. 


  Parameter Adjustments

- You can match the various parameters for one exam code.  For example, 

  Chest-PA : Parameter 1, Parameter 2, Parameter 3, .... 

- If you want to see processed images by feel-TK, you send original images to me.

  We support various optimized parameter files.  And we will continue support to you.


  Data Formats

- The feel-TK can process any image size. 

- The feel-TK can process 10 to 16 bit monochrome pixel data for images.

  Memory Usage

- Dependent on image size. 

  Processing Time

- 3K X 3K image : Within 1 seconds

- 4K X 4K image : Within 2 seconds

  (In case , CPU : i5 6th Generation, 4GByte RAM)



- Free USB Dongle Key/copy for feel-TK

- Free USB dongle Key 1ea for GP-VIEW(by customers)  



- Digital Radiography(X-Ray)

- CT


- US

- Mammography

- Film Digitizer 

- VET(Veterinary)

- Nondestructive testing device




- Fixed Enhancement LUT(Lookup Table)

- Auto-Analysis Flexible LUT(Lookup Table)

- Various Contrast Equalization

- Auto Windowing

- Noise Reduction

- Remove Grid Line



- Contrast & Edge enhancement

- Latitude enhancement

- Smoothing

- Image Frequency filter


  Customized Integration Process

- The feel-TK provide a GP-View(Get parameter view), SDK, sample code and  base or default parameter files.

  If you want use new detector, we will provide new parameter files after analysis of original images of new 


- At the filed, your specialist can get customized parameters


  System Requirements


- above Dual-Core 


- above 1GByte memory


- above 40GByte 


- Windows 7, 8.1, 10 32/64 bit


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